Hilltop Highlights #6
October 13-16            Pathfinder Camporee
October 22                Music Program at the church-students will perform
October 24                No school/ Parent teacher conferences.
Orders for hot lunches are due Monday mornings. Also, please do not plan on storing your lunch in the refrigerator.  There is not room for 17 lunches plus the foods needed for hot lunch preparation.  Thank you for helping us with our lunch program.  Each lunch is $4.00.
If you have a need for a new t-shirt, I am taking a survey to see if I can order some at an affordable price. Please send back the survey below.
Also, please refer to the handbook regarding sweaters and coats now that the weather is getting cooler.
Lunches for next week:
Wednesday   Taco Bell
Thursday       Pizza
Friday                      Vegeburgers with all the fixings
If you think you might want a t shirt, please return this bottom portion and say
how many and what size.  There is no obligation by returning this form. Thank you for your help.