Hilltop Highlights # 20
January 12, 2017
January 16         Field Trip to Little Rock Central High National Historic Site
January 18         100th day of school
January 23-27   Spirit Week
 Monday the school will go to Little Rock to the Central High National Historic site. We will learn about the Civil Rights movement here in Little Rock. 
For grades 5-8, a reminder, Outdoor School is in May.  The cost is $130.  If you haven’t budgeted for that beforehand putting aside $30 a month will help alleviate the burden. It is a fun week of learning outdoors at CYB!
We are off schedule for the hot lunches on Fridays. We will get back on schedule.
Lunches for next week:
Wednesday   Taco Bell
Thursday       Pizza
Friday            Chick Nuggets, Mac & Cheese, Salad, rolls, and dessert